Our Story: Humble Beginnings

The Original Solken Office

The Solken Logo before Area10

The First Project

The Beginning:

Solken Technology was initially founded by Solomon Antoine and Ken Nguyen who had both just completed their Junior year of high school. The first ideas of the company consisted of phone cases and chargers which inspired the two to start the first project, a fidget spinner phone case charger. Although the two never fulfilled the first project, it sparked creation and innovation for other projects. As the two continued to work on the first project help came and gone, except for Abdi Yusuf and D’Angelo Tines who are current members of Solken Technology LLC. Solken Technology Official Founding Date: November 21, 2017

The Present:

As of now, Solken Technology works with web development and cryptocurrency advising. Currently, Solken is developing the app FAVR, an app for users to request tasks to be completed at their own price which acts as an alternative to overpriced services offered businesses. Tasks include: Food Delivery, Yardwork, Home Improvement, and Kids & Pets. In addition to FAVR, Solken Technology also operates multiple online retail stores, most notably The 507Store. Another project in the making is a variation of the first project except instead of a fidget spinner, a hand crank charger.

Meet our Team

Solomon Antoine

Co-Founder/Manager & Head of Operations

Ken Nguyen

Co-Founder/Manager & Marketer

Abdi Yusuf

Co-Founder/Member & Treasurer

D'Angelo Tines

Co-Founder/Member & Treasurer