Our Story

In early 2017 Solomon Antione and Ken Nguyen came up with the idea of a phone charger that generates its own power. They wanted people to be able to generate power for their phones as needed by spinning a device located on the charger. Although they worked tirelessly on the project, it become clear that they didn't have the resources at the time to generate enough power in a hand held device. This failure sparked the dream of building a technology company. The first three letters from Solomon's name and the only three letters from Ken's name were put together forming the name Solken, and thus the company was born. Solken technology LLC was officially established November 21st, 2017. The Co-Founders of Solken Technology LLC Include Solomon Antione, Ken Nguyen, D'Angelo Tines, and Haron Arama.      Our team laying out the future
Our team laying out the future

  Our Commitment

It's Solken Technology's commitment that each of our projects and technological services are done with utmost attention to detail, respect for our craft, and the respect for our customers. At SolkenTech we take the time to work directly with our customers to insure that every need is met. We can insure you that our team works long days and nights to meet the satisfaction of our customers. We hope you enjoy our services as much as we enjoy offering them to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Current Project

Currently, Solken is in the midst developing the app titled "FAVR". This app will be a mobile and online market place that matches free lancers with tasks requested from people in the community. What makes this app unique is people will be able to request some tasks for their own price. For example: say someone was willing to pay $20 to get their lawn mowed, but if they had to pay anymore they'd rather just do it themselves. They could post on the news feed and request to have a certified free lancer come mow it for $20, if it is worth it to a free lancer they will go and complete the task. You are probably wondering, "well what if no one picks up the task for me."  If the task isn't picked up that means demand was not met at that time and your task will go incomplete and you'd either have call a professional company or do it yourself. Our solution to that is an additional news feed for our partnered company's. We will have a professional news feed where we have local company's completing tasks professionally. This app just isn't limited to mowing, it will feature a variety of tasks you can request to get done by a free lancer or a local company. Visit our beta version at https://askfavr.com/FAVR/